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Analog TV


KCTV has discontinued our analog signals and has replaced them with higher quality digital broadcasts. To receive these digital signals, each TV will need a digital box that connects to the cable line currently connected to your TV. This digital box will decode the signals coming from KCTV and convert them into a signal that your TV can show. As of January 1st 2018, we have adjusted all accounts that have not been upgraded to reflect the changes. Should you wish to continue to subscribe to our Digital TV service, please call our office to speak with a customer service representative at 519-396-8880.


To receive these digital signals, your TV’s will need a digital box that connects to the cable wall jack and output to the television. This Digital box will decode the digital signals coming from KCTV and convert them into a signal that your television can view. If you are unsure about whether or not you have a digital box call customer service and we would be glade to help.


Still wondering what analog cable is? Analog cable broadcasts are an older way of sending audio and video across a cable. Problems with any noise along the cable line can add noise to the picture by the time you receive it. It can also suffer from reflections which may look like a ghostly image on the picture. Digital cable is transmitted to customers directly from their source and then gets converted to a signal your television understands at the cable box. A digital cable picture is immune to noise and ghosting effects and offers much higher quality even at standard definition.


What are some of the benefits to Digital cable? The picture and audio quality is an obvious benefit to anyone who has made the switch already but many other benefits exist. The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) makes finding a show much easier. Just by pressing ‘Guide‘ on your remote you’ll see what is on TV now on every channel and you can see days’ worth of scheduling and add reminders or schedule recordings (DVR Required). With every channel that you are on, you can see details about the episode you are watching by pressing the ‘Info‘ button. If you rent or purchase a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) you can even record programs or series with a few buttons on the remote. Not only that, you can even pause live TV so you can make a bowl of popcorn before your favorite movie starts. We also offer Pay Per View (PPV) for new movies and events and Video on demand (VOD) for watching shows and movies when it suits you.


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